Muddy Gumboots because "it's not a problem"

Talking Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo

  • Colour :     Emerald Green
  • Climate :   Drought/Frost tolerant
  • Shade tolerance :       Medium
  • Soil type :   Prefers sandy loam
  • Texture:       Low irritant leaves
  • Maintenance:   Low
  • Wear resistance :   High 
  • Sun/Shade : Requires 30-100% sun

Matilda Buffalo

  • Colour :     Bright green
  • Climate :  Drought /Frost tolerant
  • Shade tolerance :       High
  • Soil type :       Most soils
  • Texture :  Soft , pet/child friendly
  • Maintenance :   Low
  • Wear resistance :    Excellent
  • Sun/Shade :    Mix of sun & shade

Sapphire Buffalo

  • Colour :       Deep consistent green
  • Climate :       Drought/Frost tolerant
  • Shade tolerance :      Medium 
  • Soil type :        Most soils 
  • Texture :       Fine, soft texture
  • Maintenance :      Low-Medium
  • Wear resistance :       Medium -high
  • Sun/Shade :  60% shade /filtered light

Shademaster Buffalo

  • Colour :       Medium dark green
  • Climate :     High salt tolerance 
  • Shade tolerance :      Excellent 
  • Soil type :       Most soils
  • Texture :       Broad soft leaf
  • Maintenance :        Medium
  • Wear resistance :      Medium- High
  • Sun/Shade :      60% shade /filtered          light


  • Colour :       Bright green , blue hue
  • Climate :      Better suited to full sun
  • Shade tolerance :       Low
  • Soil type :      Most soil
  • Texture :      Medium soft leaf
  • Maintenance :      Medium-High
  • Wear resistance :      Excellent
  • Sun/Shade :      Shade / full sun

Winter Green Couch

  • Colour :      Mid Green
  • Climate :      Slight Drought tolerant
  • Shade tolerance :      Low
  • Soil type :      Prefers sandy loam
  • Texture:      Medium to fine leaf
  • Wear resistance :      Excellent 
  • Sun/Shade :      Full sun

After Care

Day 1


After the turf has been laid , it is vitally important that it is watered right away. This will stop the turf from drying out and will also begin the root growing process

Day 2-14


Watering is the most important factor in after lawn care. For best results we recommend early morning watering. However in warmer month, you may need a light watering in late afternoon as well. It is important that the turf is moist as it begins root development and growing

Day 14 onward


To test if the new roots on the turf have attached, try lifting the corner of the turf gently. If there is resistance , then the roots have attached. if the turf lifts easily the roots have not attached and your watering routine should continue



By now the roots should have begun to establish

Watering at this time can be reduced to every 2-3 days, depending on time of year and temperature

First Cut


Once the lawn is established , you will notice the grass has begun to , it is important to carry out the first cut. The first mowing is on the highest possible setting , just to trim the top quarter of the leaf, no more. Subsequent mowing should also leave the grass longer, which aids the lawn in moisture retention

If in Doubt


With all new lawns, it takes time to settle in. The important thing is consistency in watering your new lawn. Try and make a routine for watering the lawn , which over time can be tailored off.

You have trusted us to install your lawn , but the care does not end there

Should you have questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us , or book us in for lawn maintenance on a regular basis